Eric Dobbs

Photographer of people at the high points of their lives.

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Photo of Eric Dobbs Welcome to my Web site. I have been a photographer for three decades, and I have photographed just about every kind of subject: products, architecture, nature, industrial environments, and people. It didn't take long for me to find that my strongest work was with pictures involving human beings. Nowadays I photograph practically nothing else.
I have been a theatrical photographer my entire career. Since I am also an actor, I found that I knew when the critical moment was coming and when to push the button. The same skills have served me in the other areas of people photography, especially at weddings and other celebrations. We may be reluctant to admit it, but most of our days are pretty similar. It is at the high moments of the most important days that we are most fully alive and human. One may not remember what one ate for lunch yesterday, but tiny details of one's wedding day will be preserved in vivid memory. Or will they? My goal is to bring the memories back as effectively as Proust's pastry. Were the carnations in the bouquet red or pink? Did the bridesmaids wear lavender or burgundy? Was Aunt Gladys there? Look at the pictures.

There is much discussion of styles of event photography - especially for weddings. Do we want photojournalistic or traditional? Black and white or color? I don't think I fit fully into traditional or photojournalistic molds. I prefer to think of my approach as affectionate and compassionate. I cannot be a purely objective reporter - or worse, a voyeur. I shoot what I see, but I look with kindly eyes.

"Knowing when to push the button" also applies to actors' résumé headshots. As an actor myself, I know what is required of your most important marketing tool.

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